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bob foley memorial sportsmanship tournament

Bob Foley was an individual who was very involved with the St. Patrick's CYO Basketball program. As a coach, he not only stressed the fundamentals of basketball but the importance of good character and sportsmanship. It is in his honor that we play this annual tournament. 

February 15th through 25th, our second, third, and fourth-grade basketball stars will play in our tournament which promotes good sportsmanship between teammates, opponents, coaches, and officials. We are often joined by Our Lady of Guadalupe, Saint Thomas, Blessed Sacrament, and many more teams. While competing as a team, they are also attempting to win the "Bob Foley Sportsmanship Trophy" handed out in every division. The athlete is chosen by the St. Pat's board by watching each and every athlete's attitude to all of those involved in the tournament, both on and off the court.



The Cape might not be your first choice for a vacation destination in the middle of March, but it is amazing for an annual basketball tournament! Our fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth-grade teams compete in a weekend tournament, taking place March 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, 2024. While the basketball games are a blast, there are so many memories to be made hanging out at the hotel we rent out for the entire organization. From swimming to the arcade to the ping-pong table, there's never a boring moment with the St. Pat's family.



That's right, folks! There's something for everyone! Our yearly golf tournament is one of the best ways you can support your young athletes. Get a group of four and just have fun for a day! After your match, grab a meal back at the clubhouse, you definitely will not regret it. 

We are so glad to have such an amazing host every year. Thank you to the Ledges Golf Course for dealing with us constantly, it means a lot to the community and helps us a ton.

This year's tournament was a huge success! Thank you to our sponsors and those who participated. We can't wait for next year!